Nippon Journey 

Konbawa Tokyo! Good Night Tokyo!


Travel Profile:

Destination : Japan

Pitstop : Osaka – Kobe – Kyoto – Tokyo

Season : Spring

Date : 24 Mar – 1 Apr 2015

Duration : 9D/8N

Flight : AirAsia X


Osaka – Hostel, Drop Inn Osaka

Tokyo – Apartment, AirBnB

Travel buddy : 6 pax


Cost Breakdown:

Flight Fare (return) : RM814

Add ons (lugage n meal) : RM279


Osaka : RM481/pax for 5 nights

Tokyo : RM168/pax for 2 nights


Flight & Accomodation: RM1,742

Miscellaneous: RM2,000 (Y65,000)

Total cost : RM3,742


Miscellaneous Breakdown: Y65,000


  • Shinkansen (one way, osaka-tokyo) : Y13,620
  • Subway/JR (9 days) : Y12,000
  • Airport Shuttle (Tokyo Station-Narita Airport) : Y1,000

Admission fees :

  • Umeda Sky Building : Y700
  • Universal Studio Japan : Y7,200
  • Kobe City Loop Bus : Y660
  • Sagano Romantic Train : Y620
  • Osaka Castle : Y600
  • Tokyo Tower : Y900


Total Cost : Y37,300

Excess for Shopping & Dining : Y27,700



Our first encounter with Miss Sakura @ Kobe


Having picnic beneath the gentle shower of pearlescent white n pink sakura has always been in my bucket list. 

Our journey to Japan this year is to experience what the Japanese called ‘Hanami’ or flower viewing in the beginning of spring and Alhamdulillah we managed to experience the transition of winter to early bloom sakura in Osaka and witness the magnifying beauty of full bloom sakura in Tokyo. 

Our journey in Japan has been full with endless discovery. It felt like we were 10 years ahead in the future while at the same time the culture is so well preserved that we also felt that we travelled back in time and we were left wondering which year are we in. Japan has a harmonious mixture of futuristic technology advancement and traditional culture sealed tightly, offering the best of both world. 

The Japanese has been extremely warm and helpful with exceptional manners i’ve ever seen in the other corners of the world. 

What really capture my attention was their razor sharp punctuality and trust me, the operating time displayed at the front door or the departure time published on the chart is not for display only, they really mean it. A slightest delay would bleed the money out of your pocket, speaking from experience. 

All in all the experience was totally enriching and what made it more worthy is the fact that i am in it with the best travel buddies in the world – my very own Kyoudai, my Kardashian.

Thank You Allah for a great journey!


Musafir I Am 

Nippon Journey

24 Mar – 1 Apr 2015


Full bloom Sakura @ Yaesu Bus Station , Tokyo



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