Nippon Journey : Day 1 : The adventure begins!

Day 1 : KUL – KIX – Umeda, Osaka

Our day started off as early as 4am to board the aircraft at 715am. A six and a half hours journey from Kuala Lumpur to the land of the raising sun, Japan.

Arrival at Kansai Airport Station, heading towards Umeda Station.
On the railroad bridge overseeing the sunset above the sea. Cruising towards Umeda Station via Midosuji Line.
Our cosy crib for the next 5 days

We stayed at Drop Inn Osaka (DIO) hostel which is conveniently located within 10 minutes walk from the Umeda Station. A very cosy hostel with a 5 star hospitality only cost us +RM96/person/night (published rate: 3,400 Yen, inc tax). Most hostel we contacted for direct booking has a policy of not accepting a group of more than 4 pax or at most 5 pax in one dorm/room, my assumption is that the host would prefer a smaller group to minimise noise. Hence for a group of 6 like us, the booking option available is either via Hostelworld, Hostelbookers or Agoda. After thorough review and consideration, this hostel won our heart in term of its cosy hostel ambiance, nice dorm design, great location and most of all for its value for money plus this hostel was under limited time promo in Agoda which makes it worth to grab.

We spend our nights in a Japanese capsule style dormitory with 30 other backpackers/travellers around the world. Each spacious capsule has its own electricity plug, light, lockable shelf, futon, blanket, fluffy pillow and privacy curtain, so your privacy is rest assured. The hostel is fully equipped with complete facilities at the common area i.e. flat screen tv, vending washing machine and dryer, full kitchen, kitchen utensils, toiletries ect, it makes you feel like home. The hostel has 5 floors, accessible by both stairs and elevator, a plus point for a not so light traveller like us.

Japanese capsule bedding

I personally enjoyed my stay here and without a doubt i will give a 5 star rating for this hostel. For more info about this hostel :

Floating Garden Observatory, Umeda Sky Building

Our first sightseeing stop for day 1 was Level 173, Floating Garden Observatory, Umeda Sky Building. Located within a 5 minutes walking distance from DIO.

Best viewed at night as u can see the whole Osaka covered in lights. Plus, wear anything white/of a bright colour n u can see yourself glow under the fluorescent light.

– End of day 1 –


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