Nippon Journey : Day 3 : Cosmopolitan, Fashion & Port City of Kobe.

Day 3 : Osaka – Kobe

A mile-long covered shopping street.

A half an hour train ride from Osaka took us to our 3rd attraction of this journey, a Cosmopolitan, Fashion & Port City of Kobe.

“If u can’t go to Paris, go to Kobe”
– Japanese Phrase –

True indeed, the city is full of high end fashion boutique. U name it, they got it.

Osaka to Kobe, Sanomiya Station via Hanshin Railway Line
Feeding time! The cat food could be purchased at the counter, outside food is not permitted.

1st Pitstop : Nyanny Cat Cafe – cafe packed with cute, humango jumbo, fluffy but slightly shy feline.

Entrance fees: 1,000 yen for 1 hour (drinks sold separately)

Rules: u can pet the feline but feeding (outside food) /holding/cuddling is not allowed.

Kobe Mosque exterior
Kobe Mosque, still standing after WWii bombing in Kobe in 1945

2nd Pitstop : Kobe Mosque – the only building which survived the bombing in Kobe City during the World War 2. Other structure surrounding this mosque was totally damaged. Allahu Akbar!.

Friendly Tips :

There’s a lot of Halal Restaurant along this stretch of road. However kindly note that there’s a specific operating hours for both lunch n dinner.
Lunch : 11am – 3pm
Dinner : 5pm – 830pm
Restaurant closed between 3pm – 5pm.
Kobe Port
Kobe Cruise
City Loop Bus Stop No 2, Kobe Harbour Land
Alternative ride, rental bikes

3rd Pitstop : Kobe Harbour.

There’s quite a number of attraction here such as the:
– Kobe Port Tower (they called it Ultraman Tower but i’m not sure coz i always thought that Ultraman is from Planet Ultra)
– Meriken Park
– Port of Kobe Earthquake Memorial Park
– Kobe Harbour Land

U can take the Kobe City Loop bus to get around the city for 660 yen per day.

Ropeway Entrance

4th Pitstop : Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens & Ropeway

Friendly tips:
Kindly note that the operating hours for the ropeway differs for weekdays and weekend.
Weekdays : 930 – 1645
Weekends : 930 – 2015 (1,400 yen round trip, 900 yen oneway tp xkan da naik xnk turun pulak kan?)

Night ticket only available during weekends starting from 1700 to 2100 (800 yen).

Lesson no 2. Read between the lines, else u only got to see the rope without the way.

– End of Day 3 –


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