Nippon Journey : Day 5 : Osaka City

Day 5 : Osaka City

Started our Day 5 with a tour at Osaka Castle Park, the second largest park in Osaka a home to various attraction including the open air concert hall (Osaka-Jo Hall) and one of Japan’s most famous landmark, Osaka Castle.

Osaka Castle in Spring

1st Pitstop : Osaka Castle

The castle has been converted into a museum and the observatory deck is located at the 8th floor where you can observe the panoramic view of Osaka Castle and the surrounding park.

Castle Tower Operating Hours

  • Open :  9.00 to 17.00 (entrance until 16.30)
  • Extended hours during holidays and special exhibitions.
  • Closed : 28th December to 1st January
  • Fees : 600 Yen

Osaka-Jo Hall. Teenagers queuing outside the hall since early morning for an E-girls Pyramid (name of a J-Pop Group) Live Tour 2015 ‘Colourful Land’ Concert. Don’t ask me who E-girl Pyramid is, i’m not a J-Pop fan & i’m not even a teenager..^_*
Japanese Netherland

2nd Pitstop : Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park

A few minutes walk from the Osaka Jo Hall to the Osaka Business Park Station plus another 40 minutes train ride took us to our next pitstop, the Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park.

Tsurumi Ryokuchi Fountain entrance
Spring is in the air!

The park is located at the site of The International Garden and Greenery Exposition 1990, a world exhibition that featured the beauty of flowers. The site was later turned into a memorial park which grew thousands of various species of flowers and plants from around the world. The landmark of this garden is a windmill located on the hilltop best viewed during spring (mid April) as it will be surrounded by colourful tulips and canola flowers which almost look like the tulips garden in Keukenhof, Netherland.

This park is not famous amongst tourist. More like a hidden gem. We spend hours here just sitting around having picnic and enjoy the scenic view    from the hilltop.

Musafir tips:

You can perform prayer here, the park is not so crowded with people hence you may pick any site deemed appropriate. The are also plenty of public toilets scattered around where you can take wudhu’.

Nightlife at Dotonburi

3rd Pitstop : Dotonburi

A visit to Osaka wouldn’t be complete if you did not pose a photo or two with the ever famous ‘Glico Man’, the face of Dotonburi. Dotonburi is one of the most happening shopping street in Osaka. There are also plenty of restaurants along the street, the smell of the delicacies will make your mouth water.

The famous Glico Man

Musafir tips:

There are also a few halal restaurant i.e. Indian & Turkish cuisine located along the street (just opposite the Forever 21 outlet). There is also Lotteria fast food restaurant just a next to the Glico Man billboard, you may choose the shrimp burger set there.

Dotonburi shopping & food street

– End of Day 5 –


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