Nippon Journey : Day 6 : Sayōnara Osaka, Konichiwa Tokyo!

Day 6 : From Osaka to Tokyo

Time to bid farewell to Osaka and proceed to the other half of the journey to the metropolis, Tokyo!

Off to Tokyo via Shinkansen from Umeda Station to Tokyo Station.

Shinkansen arriving at Tokyo Station

It’s a fast n furious 2 hours ride, 508km to the east. The scenery along the journey was wonderful but we missed the view of Fuji Mountain as the train was so comfortable, we doze off after the first hour of the journey.

Friendly tips:

  • JR pass (29,000+ yen valid for 7days) will not be worth it should you only take one way Shinkansen ride. But if your itinerary involved extensive long haul traveling via Shinkansen then it might be worth it.
  • You may purchase the Shinkansen ticket at the JR station. Reserved ticket will be priced slightly higher (14,000+ yen/way) , but you can choose your seat before hand.
  • Ad-hoc ticket is cheaper (13,000+ yen/way) but if you have certain seating preference i.e. Window seat or you want to seat near by your friends, the availability will depends on your luck.
View from our balcony

Checking-in at our AirBnB listing @ Shinjuku.

Our listing is strategically located within less than 3 minutes walk from Nishishinjuku Gouchome station at the Shinjuku District. 5 star rating for location. Surrounded by shops and restaurant which is very convenient. 

The room was spacious, fully equipped with kitchen, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, tv, iron, hair dryer n vacuum cleaner.

Friendly Tips:

  • AirBnB is a good alternative of accommodation. It offered a wide range of listing which suit your preferred budget.
  • If you want to choose a listing via AirBnB for your stay in Japan, a host which provide free pocket wi-fi to the guests should be considered.
    Pocket wi-fi is very useful n can be shared by group of people within certain radius.

Thank you Kyoko for having us! We enjoyed our stay at your place! Check out Kyoko’s Place at

Hachiko Statue at Shibuya Station
Shibuya Station exterior

1st Pitstop : Hachikō Statue at Shibuya Station – a symbol of loyalty.

A visit to Shibuya would be incomplete if you missed to visit this local icon. Prefecture who is remembered for his remarkable loyalty to his owner which continued for many years after his owner’s death.

Source: wikipedia

Green means ready to pose – at one of the busiest crossing in the world, Shibuya Scrambled Crossing.

2nd Pitstop : Shibuya Scrambled Crossing

You can see the ever famous, one of the world’s busiest pedestrian crossings just a few steps from the Hachikō Statue. Standby your camera and snap a selfie or two while walking at the Shibuya Scrambled Crossing, it’s a must! There’s a Starbucks Cafe near the Scrambled Crossing, go to the upper level and choose the window seat, you could have a bird’s eyes view of hundreds or maybe thousands (during peak hours) of people crossing the street within a few minutes every time the lights turn green.

Tokyo’s Time Square

3rd Pitstop : Shibuya Shopping District

Take a stroll along the street, it is packed with shops, malls, cafe and window shopping won’t cost you anything..^_^

Friendly tips:
Most shops will be closed at 830pm, hence for an ample time to shop, come earlier.

Street Art @ Shibuya

4th Pitstop : Harajuku

Located around 20 minutes walk from the Shibuya Scrambled Crossings. Internationally known as a center of Japanese youth culture and fashion. You will see the Japanese youngsters dressed in anime costumes along the street. Take a photo or two with Sailormoon, Son Goku, Naruto and many more while you were there.

Friendly Tips:

The best time to visit Harajuku is during the day as the shops will be closed at 830pm and the cosplay crowd is lesser at night.

The sakura at night. Background – Shibuya Shopping District .
Disney Store @ Shibuya

– End of Day 6 –


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