Nippon Journey : Day 8 & 9 : Sayonara Tokyo

Day 8 & 9 : Sayonara Tokyo

Our last day in Tokyo, we spend the morning packing our bags, cleaning and clearing our food inventory before we hit the road again, straight to Tokyo Station to store our bags.  We will be spending our last night at the Narita Airport and depart to Kuala Lumpur the 1st fight on the next day.

Clearing our food inventory
Tokyo Station exterior

1st Pitstop : Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station, the mother of all stations in Tokyo. The transportation hub offering wide access to places all over Japan.

Friendly Tips:

There are plenty of coin lockers comes in 3 sizes i.e. small, medium & large to store your luggage bag.

  • The small locker (35cm x 43cm x 57cm) could easily fit 1 backpack at a cost of 300 yen per day. There are plenty of these type of locker at the station.
  • The medium locker (57cm x 43cm x 57cm) could fit normal size luggage bag at 400 yen per day. Quite a number but mostly were occupied, kinda challenging to find an empty one if you came after 9am.
  • The large locker (117cm x 43cm x 57cm) could fit the larger size bag (my bag is in this category) at 500 yen/day. Limited and almost impossible to find an empty one.
  • Alternatively you may store your bag at the baggage storage counter. However kindly note that the counter is manned by people so the operating hours will be from 730am – 830pm at 600 yen/piece/day. Kindly observe the operating hours of the counter or your bag will spend the night at the station.
Narita Airport Bus

2nd Pitstop : Yaesu Bus Station

Located adjacent to Tokyo Station, a 5 minutes walk from the South Transfer Gate for Shinkansen to Yaesu North Gate will take us to the Yaesu Bus Station.

A cheaper alternative to Shinkansen to commute you from the station to Narita Airport within 75 minutes. It has a frequent trip to airport as early as 5am up to 930pm and the trip from airport to Tokyo Station starts at 6am.

We bought the ticket at the bus station and it cost us 1,000 yen/trip.

Friendly Tips:

If you reserved the ticket 2 days earlier from your departure date it will cost you 900 yen/trip only. Kindly note that for midnight trip, it will cost 2,000y en/trip.

Detailed bus schedule and map to the station is as follows

Tokyo Camii exterior

3rd Pitstop: Tokyo Mosque (Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture Center)

After we had our heads cleared up on the Airport transfer arrangement and the bags off our shoulders, safely stored in the lockers at the station, we proceed our journey to our next pitstop, Tokyo Camii.

Tokyo mosque built with Turkish Ottoman influence is the largest mosque in Japan. It reminded me of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. A great structure with incredible interior and tranquil ambiance, tempted us to spend a bit more time here.

Accessible via subway Odakyu Line to Yoyogi-Uehara Station plus another 5 minutes walk to reach the mosque. It’s easy to find the mosque as its located by the roadside and its minarets can be seen from afar. Detailed map is as follows;

Tokyo Camii’s Turkish Interior 
Sakura in Turkiye!
Tokyo Tower covered in lights

4th Pitstop: Tokyo Tower

10 minutes train ride to Kamiyacho Station via Hibiya Line, brought us to the foot of a 333 meters-tall structure, one of Tokyo’s signature building, the Tokyo Tower.

The main Observatory (150 meters) & Special Observatory (250 meters) offered a panoramic view of the city of Tokyo both day & night. The tower will be lit in glowing lumiere from sunset until midnight.

Operating Hours : 9:00 – 23:00

Admission Fees : 900 Yen (Main Observatory)

(add another 700 Yen to extend your visit to the Special Observatory Deck from the Main Observatory Deck)

Fuji-san is that way!
The foot of Tokyo Towers from the glass window. It’s called the Look-down Window.

Ippin Restaurant Interior
Bamboo rice @ Ippin Restaurant

5th Pitstop: Ippin Restaurant

Our last dinner in Tokyo before we continue our journey to Narita Airport.

A Halal Japanese Restaurant, Ippin Restaurant, 10 minutes hilly hike from Ebisu Station. Offered a wide range of tasty healthy japanese food cooked using organic ingredient and most importantly it is Halal Certified.

Link :

Japan, till we meet again

6th Pitstop: Narita Airport

From the restaurant we rushed back to Tokyo Station to collect our luggage and head straight to Yaesu Bus Station to catch the last bus at 9pm to Narita Airport. We spend our final night in Japan at Terminal 2, Level 1 (Arrivals) with many other backpackers. It was a bit noisy as the south wing was under renovation, other than that, the airport is really convenient and has great facilities.

Musafir Tips;

There is a Musolla (prayer room) located at Level 1 (arrival) complete with wudhu’ area which i personally regard as a very thoughtful gesture by the airport’s management to provide convenience to Muslim travellers to Japan.

However kindly note that the Musolla’s operating hour is from 6:00 to 23:00. There’s another Musolla after the passport control, follow the link for more detail

Day 9 : 10:00 Departing from Narita to Kuala Lumpur.

– End of Nippon Journey, Spring 2015 –


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